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Hi Campers! I hope you all had a great Christmas Holiday and New Year!!  Excitement is in the air here at McKnight!  In January we will be talking a lot about weather… like snow!! We will also be talking about clothes and what we should wear when it is cold or raining.  

Please remember to send a light coat and a heavy coat if your child will not wear a heavier coat.  We will be glad to keep one at school if needed.  Some children really don’t like coats, but if it is not raining, we go outside.  Thanks!! 






Happy Campers 

January Home Project

This month, we would like you and your child to work together to “build” and “dress” a snowman.  We wish we could make a real snowman but, for now, a craft will have to do!  Here’s what you should do:

1.  Have fun! 2.  Use the template provided. 3.  Use the paper provided or collect items to give your snowman color and texture.  Be creative!  You can use old magazines or newspapers, aluminum foil, sticks, grass, seeds, cloth, leaves, etc.  4.  Glue on the items and let it dry.  Don’t forget to give your snowman a face and a fancy hat! 5.  While you make the snowman, discuss with your child what it would feel like if we were to go outside to make a real snowman.  Would it be cold or hot?  How would our hands feel?  (Have your child touch ice to see what it might feel like!)  What would we need to wear? 5.  Have your child bring the snowman to school by January 12th.  




Here is important contact information:

Mrs. Dee Gantt
McKnight # 704-932-7433 

Mrs. Tonya Taylor
McKnight # 704-932-7433