What We Are Doing

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During the month of April, we will continue our study on Buildings. As we continue our study, we will learn concepts and skills in science, social studies, literacy, math, the arts, and technology. We will use our thinking skills to investigate, ask questions, solve problems, make predictions, and test our ideas.  

We are very proud of your children and how they are becoming more fluent with identifying their letters and letter sounds. 
Please continue to work with your children on identifying these letters and their sound. 
We ask you to continue to work with identify numbers 1-20 and match them to quantity. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Our door is always open to you and your family.

Please remember to check your child's book bag and communication folder daily. We ask that you take any and all information out of their folder. This lets us know  you have checked their folder. 

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Let Me Play

The amount of time a child is outside is directly related to how active they are. Encourage your children to play outside often. If they have no playmates in the area, encourage them to be creative on their own or take the time to play with them. Here are some ideas for outdoor activities.
• Bike • Skate • Jump Rope • Run • Fly A Kite • Play Hopscotch  Dance • Toss a Frisbee • Play Kickball • Play Tag • Play Catch • Play Soccer • Play Hide N-Go